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A gifted writer and storyteller from a young age, Hayden used her writing skills to take us on her cancer journey. From the day she was diagnosed with cancer, she began a blog that was read by thousands of people all over the world. She brought tears, laughter and lots of courage to our lives and she challenged us to live better and love bolder. Her words pointed us to the Jesus she loved.

Hayden wrote 140 blogs before she died in November of 2017. She asked that we continue her powerful message by turning her blog into a book.

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 God chose to heal Hayden in heaven rather than on earth. After her death, our hearts were broken, and it's still tough. As a part of our grieving process, we began researching how to turn Hayden's blog into a book. it took another year of hard work, but on Hayden's Heaven birthday, November 7, 2019, we released This Is Not A Sad Story.


Thousands around the globe have read her book, and we have received hundreds of messages from people encouraged, challenged, and changed by Hayden's story.

We would love to hear from you too!


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to brand

With Hayden's book in print, we needed a simple way to get it into people's hands.


On a walk one day, I heard the words The People Mender, and I knew that was what our website should be named.


Chandler ran with the idea, and created a beautiful website and has expanded it to a brand that now includes videos, handcrafted products, and Hayden's Courage Award.

We are humbled and overjoyed at the things God is doing with The People Mender.


Please continue partnering with us in prayer. God is so very good.

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