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It was a typical day. Two small girls fighting over a toy that neither one really cared about. Then there was the fight over chores. Who was supposed to load, and who was supposed to unload the dishwasher? On to who was going to feed the dog and then who really left the bath towel on the floor, and whose stinky socks are still in the rocking chair? Enough girls – seriously. In frustration, I blurted out GO FIRST!


If the dishwasher needs loaded – GO FIRST in sacrifice and do it.

If you are worried about something – GO FIRST in prayer

If you were mean - GO FIRST in apologizing


And so GO FIRST was born in our household 


 Regardless of the season you find yourself in, this message is for you.


So today, we encourage you: don’t wait - be the one to Go First. 


Remember you are seen and you are loved.

Go First Double Necklace

  • Our products are one of a kind. Created by hand and designed with heart, each piece is made with a special touch. Some rustic texturing is normal due to the process the necklaces and bracelets go through while being hammered. Imperfections give these pieces a handmade charm! 

  • Handstamped, hypoallergenic alkeme blank with a silver-plated, surgical steel chain. Alkeme metal stamping blanks are a great alternative to sterling silver blanks. They're made in the USA from a specially formulated, non-corrosive metal alloy that is lead-free, nickel-free, and cadmium free.

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