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II came to know your daughter Hayden when I was in Seattle. I did not personally meet her. I met her blog. My best friend discovered he had cancer, and when I started to search the internet for hope, I found Hayden. I've always wanted to thank you for your kid. For her heart. For her words. For her belief. Thank you for raising such a wonderful woman that touched my heart so immensely when I needed it most. -Jaime.

From Jaime


from Nathan

In the Ethiopian culture, where I grew up, it is very unusual to deal with the fact that you are dying and even more planning your own funeral service. As a Christian, I grew up being taught that God is always good to us, and in our journey with Jesus, bad things will barley happen to you - which is far from the teaching of the bible. It's encouraging and comforting personally for me that there is a beautiful life with Jesus in his kingdom with his father where there shall be no tears, death, and sorrows. My sister Hayden understood this and gave her life to Jesus with joy, not with sadness. This is the greatest mystery that only a born-again Christian could understand. Thank you, Hayden, for teaching me this and sharing your faith, and I can't wait to see you in the kingdom of God. -Nathan

from Meredith

I had a conversation with a coworker whose mom was recently diagnosed with cancer, and they have been struggling to understand why God has allowed this to happen. My first thoughts were about Hayden and all of the wise perspectives she shared in her blog. I pointed them toward her writings and found myself re-reading her entries until very late last night. After recovering from a roller-coaster of thoughts, prayers, and reflections, I am feeling motivated to become bolder in my faith. Hayden was so wonderful to me, and watching the way her faith persisted through cancer will have an impact on my walk the rest of my life, and will be sharing her book in my old age. So, thanks for raising such a gem, she'll be changing lives and pointing others to Christ for years to come. - Meredith

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