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Excerpts From The Book

This Is Not A Sad Story


"Today, I was diagnosed with Cancer. I have Cancer, it’s something I never anticipated saying or even thinking about, but the doctor’s report is in. You know, as she was explaining that it was Merkel Cell cancer and it is rare and has never been seen in someone my age I just had to chuckle to myself a little. You see, ever since I was a kid and the Doctor would tell my mom, “there’s like a 1% chance of this happening” I was usually in that 1 percent. So, my family started calling me the 1%girl. Of course, I have been diagnosed with a super rare form of cancer – the 1% girl is at it again! The fear and uncertainty of what lies ahead comes and goes in waves. Initially, I was so shocked that I nearly fell to the ground. Cancer was just something that happened to other people, not here, not me, not now. But as I cried out to God and sought out my answers, He gave me everything I could ever need. Let me tell you about how God took my bad news and made it better." 

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—  June 26th, 2015

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