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There are blessings along every path - even the most difficult ones.

I was afraid to open my eyes this morning because I thought I might be to overcome with pain and sadness. I was wrong. Oh sure, I was sad, and there was pain, and I did cry many tears into my coffee, but God showed up to care for me. Do not overlook the tiniest of kindnesses that God has placed like little pebbles right in your path.

For me it started when I walked into the kitchen this morning to see my husband and beautiful daughter Chandler sitting, cuddled together in our rocking chair, looking out our back window. Heart melting here.

Then it was my turn to sit with Sissy (Chandler). A bit later her husband Alec joined us, and God just blessed my heart so much by reading Hebrews 11 out loud together.

The doorbell rang, and my friend Beth stopped by with some sinful pastries and a hug.

Do you see them? Can you sense them? Are you looking for them? The little nuggets of love that God places in your path like small stones. They aren’t meant for anyone else. They’re easy to miss.

It’s true my heart is broken, and I miss Hayden terribly. God knows this, and He has a plan to help me through this very hard time. So, this morning my path was full of loving kindnesses from the King of the universe, and I hadn’t even finished my coffee.

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