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Lily Bear stops by with some flowers - and some cheer!

Day Three without Hade.

What a difference a day makes! Actually, what a difference the kindness of people makes in a day. ❤️ Today started off drinking coffee with Kathy, my best friend from college. Who does that? Drives all the way up to Oregon to comfort a friend? An hour later the doorbell rings and in walks Catherine with her kiddos giving hugs and delivering ☕️ coffee in four assorted flavors. What is coffee without doughnuts? And delivered to us by Coach Stork on the day of his playoff game! 🏈 As he was leaving in walked Kari 👩‍🍳with a bushel of Kleenex, Chap Stick, and soothing eye cream. We all know how drying crying can be. 😭 It turns out I would need those soothing beauty products because I shed a lot of tears talking to Renee, Ann, and Char asking them to organize the food for Hade’s funeral reception.

We finished delegating the rest of the funeral arrangements including putting together a worship band 🎸and music team 🎶. Sara is making the program for the funeral, and now I have a beautiful wooden bench sitting on my front porch made by a friend. The bench was delivered just in time to drink a glass chocked full of delicious and healthy smoothie brought to us by Shawna and her beautiful daughters.

JenJen and Jb lent us some encouraging support as we cried on their shoulders, and Hannah and Jordan made sure we are taken care of for the morning and delivered breakfast. Kat & Lisa provided an out of this world soft taco feast, and Lily bear stopped by to bring us some pink flowers, kisses, and hugs and to remind us that people are kind and God is good, and His mercies are new every day 🌺🌺🌺

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