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Without Hade. In sickness & In health

It’s been an excellent weekend Hade. We had a big celebration at the house with lots of good food, music, and fellowship. Adam called it a “Festival of Hope” and shared a few words from his heart while Micaiah traveled from Spokane to lead worship with Kenzie and Matty. The music ministered, the temperature was perfect, the pig was delicious, and God cleared the smoke out of the basin so we could breathe as we danced. It’s hard to imagine that life gets better than these moments, and how we long for you to be part of these new memories, but we will trust God’s plan and timing in your leaving.

I don’t know if we drew your attention from heaven’s happenings, but if you looked down on the festivities, you saw all the incredible love and hospitality that’s going on at your childhood home. On a side note Hade, we’re calling our little one-acre homestead “Madison Street Venue” and looking for ways to use our home for the good of people and the glory of God. I know right! A very cool thing for us. I’m certain this brings joy to your heart as you rejoice in the “people care” that God is doing here. There is great value in community and hospitality, and we always want to use our home to minister to people and share the truth of the Gospel.

We had a lot of fun setting up with the Myron clan, and what faithful friends and helpers they have continued to be. There is nothing like a friend that sticks closer than a brother. If you have someone like this in your life, love them well.

Elise and Adam were over bright and early to check on the pig’s overnight cooking and brought some new helpers with them.

That evening we ate and sang, listened and danced, and lots of people lingered to help clean up which was a real blessing. But as you can imagine it has been hard on our hearts without you here.

Two summers ago, on this very weekend, we were furiously wiping away happy tears, trying to keep our mascara from running as we prepared to give you to your handsome prince Adam Palm. Then last August was the anniversary party as God was so kind to let you have another year of life and allow us to celebrate the only wedding anniversary you would have. So, this weekend was a bit like a familiar old basket filled with many highs and lows, beautiful memories and a sprinkling of regrets.

In the quiet moments, it takes my breath away as I reminisce back over the last three years. Mercy and grace upon grace with many tender moments to cherish, but on your anniversary day, I’m especially thanking God for Adam. To think that Adam would lay down his life to marry and love a girl with terminal cancer. A girl covered with scars, yet he was holding on to hope for a long future with you. All the nights you cried yourself to sleep on his shoulder. The constant wisdom he spoke to your heart and the unwavering truth he whispered in your ear to trust God in the hard trial called your life. Adam always reminded you that God is good and He does care and He loves us without measure. Adam held on to a deep hope that God would heal you, but instead, he held you in his arms as we said goodbye to you. Who does that Hade? What selfless courage. How kind of God to give you a man that would be by your side in sickness and in health until death parted you.

What a beautiful story and example, this love story of Hayden and Adam. It may be that today God is calling you to lay down your life for someone you love, and it seems impossible. Take courage for there are examples for you to follow. Jesus laid down his life for us while we were still sinners and hated him. You can trade mean words for kind ones, evil deeds for good ones, and anger for forgiveness. Don't be a fool. Life is short.

Happy Anniversary my darling girl. I miss you every day.

See you soon. Mom

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